The Street was a River

Flood waters are in the news. Floods are very dangerous simply because folks are not used to them. We are told not to attempt the crossing of water across roads and bridges, yet we see constant evidence that is ignored. When we were playing at the Tower Theater in Houston, the skies opened up to bless us with over ten inches of rain. The deluge didn’t really get bad until just about time for us to leave for the theater, so off we went in our Camaro. (Camaros will not float) There were a number of overhead bridges between our apartment and Westheimer and we should have been warned by the near flood stage of Braes Bayou, but on we did travel, up until we approached a flooded underpass. A truck came through on the other lane, so I felt it safe to try. We did finally make it through with the water coming in our doors to just below the steering wheel. We managed to get to the parking lot of a small eatery and they were kind enough to afford us coffee and the use of their restrooms to dry off as best we could. We must have looked silly backing into the hand drier and turning slowly to dry as much as possible. I called the theater and was told that only a handful of theater goers had arrived and since Westheimer was accessable by canoe only, the show was cancelled. We waited many hours until the rain slackened and only got back home by following a city bus in its wake. We left home at 6PM and got home the next morning at 6AM. I knew ‘drafting’ a bus was the only way to transverse flooded roadways. That got me home from a high school football game in Austin in the sixties. I think about that night every time I see reports of flooding. The Carolinas have experienced flooding recently, but we seem to miss the most dangerous part here in Charlotte. For that I am most grateful. I pray of those whose life is totally changed by tragedy. I also pray for our police as they face attitudes and threats that prevent them doing their job. I have been raised to believe that ‘all lives matter’ and that includes those who stand in the front line of defense against every threat. How beautiful are the feet of those who do so honorably. AMEN

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