Perhaps “Tier One Prospects” may not be the best choice

Kevin Sumlin has been praised for his ability to convince the ‘top’ high school footballers to choose my Alma Mater. I failed to see the side-line story since I turned the Ole Miss game off at half-time. It seems to be more than a young man can handle with “Too Much Too Soon”. Football is a team sport, requiring each participant to do their best at their assignment. When things do not go well, they should look to their own responsibility other than blame their team-mates or coaches. I am very disappointed that my Aggies seem to be imploding. It may be due to too much support, too soon in life. A&M has gone above and beyond to provide quality facilities that are superior to many professional complexes. Players have the opportunity to not only enjoy the benefits of such an outstanding program, they have opportunity to grow into upstanding, contributing adults instead of tantrum throwing malcontents. “Come ON,(soon to be a)Man!” That’s what I get from my box of Chocolates, donchaknow. “gigum”, for now.

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