Click goes the Dial!

For the first time, ever, I switched channels this week-end. Call me weak or a weasel or pitty-party-pete, or whatever, but I am totally disenchanted with my Aggies and my Cowboys. I understand the difficulty of the ‘Boys’, but only on offense. When the defense plays like a greased goose, well it’s just too much pain at one time. I have no idea what has become of the Texas Aggies – you know the ones who laid it on Arizona State and battled the Razorbacks to a win. Perhaps they have been too interested in ‘fast’ players other than some Bohanans, Yokums and Floods. Back in ’48, the Mount Pleasant Tigers were trouncing every team that dared to put on helmets. Those young stalwarts from off-the-farm scored above 50 each game. They even whipped Paris Junior College 107-0! They didn’t run the forty in under 5-seconds, but they moved their bulk and those in their way, handily. As I watched that bunch from Ole Miss pound my Ags, I thought, “Where’s OUR Beef?”. And the Cowboys?? “The Best Offensive Line in the NFL” must have missed the flight. I missed the most exciting moment for the Cowboys. It happened on the sidelines. All this disappointment makes one wish to switch over the Masterpiece Theater and attempt to understand what those folks are saying, donchaknow. That’s a better choice. Even if I don’t understand what the folks on PBS are saying, it’s better than watching my teams seem to not know what they’re doing. This I get from my box of chocolates isn’t worth the effort. ‘Tis a Puzzlement.

2 thoughts on “Click goes the Dial!

  1. If you think those teams have problems, I invite you to take a look at the Houston Texans! Talk about pitiful!!
    So I did just take my iPad to another room and watch Downton Abby.
    A stoke was probably avoided.


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