Re-Birth Certificate

I just received my State of North Carolina Identity Card. It serves the same purpose as my Driver’s License. The only exception is that it doesn’t license me to drive. I am now a permanent passenger at the total mercy of the one behind the wheel.(the “one behind the wheel” is who determined my permanency in the passenger seat, donchaknow) Other than my Medicare Card (originally known as my Social Security Card) and this state identity card, my only legal documentation of ‘who I am’ is my Birth Certificate. At the age of 85-years it is barely legible, but if carefully studied, it says I am James Greer Austin, born of Sam Wade Austin and Mattie Tabb Austin, on February 7, 1931 in Titus County, Texas. It has a recording number, a smudged footprint and the signatures of the County Recorder and one Dr. William Broadstreet. It is the only document that proves who I am. I have another record written in the “Book of Life”. This one is much more important than all other identification documents. It has a date on it, but I only recall being six-years-old. It also has my name on it. (I believe that name is chosen by GOD, but that’s just my own thought) My RE-Birth Certificate has a special verification. It has the signature of My LORD JESUS CHRIST! “I’m So Glad, I am Part of the Family of GOD!” HOOOOeeee! How ’bout you? AMEN

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