What does/did your Daddy Do?

This question will be asked by someone, sometime, and I can answer easily. My Daddy built houses that became homes. Carpentry ran in my family. Most everyone will be able to answer this query easily also, but I recently realized that ‘my’ children could answer with one, two, three or ‘all’ and be correct. Other than odd jobs prior to college, I spent years teaching, broadcasting, directing Church Music and Theater. Most of these ‘jobs’ were concurrent. I realized this recently when someone asked, “What did you do, Mr. Austin?” My first thought was to ask, “At what point in life?” I always had the greatest respect for anyone who could complete a lifetime in a single career. That signified stability and, unfortunately, that was not the case for me. In retrospect, I have determined the jumping around was due to the fact that I failed to roll with the punches of public education. I can honestly say that my greatest joy was while teaching young men and women. That is further proven since most of the lifetime relationships, other than with some great friends from broadcasting, have been with former students and some teachers. I enjoyed my years in broadcasting, church ministry and theater, but I ‘miss’ the classroom rehearsals and performances. I have a few recordings of performances, but there were so many more that I wish I could hear again. Once I can upgrade ‘WaterWader’, I will inlcude some audio and a video or two, just to let you enjoy the effort of those performing groups. I just waved my arms. They did the work and deserve all the ‘bravos’. I enjoy hearing those in my heart, anyway, donchaknow.  So, how would my children answer this query?  Well, you have to ask them.  I’ve taught them to be honest and trustworthy and to leave each place they’ve been a bit better than it was before.  Needless to say, I couldn’t be more proud of each of them. “And may all who come behind us find us Faithful”.  A person can do no better than that, donchaknow.

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