Doing Without

I purchased my first personal computer in 1994. I had it special built by Michada Computers in Vegas. They were the folks who built all the PC’s at Nellis Air Force Base. That machine lasted for many years. We then bought a ‘top-of-the-line’ IBM laptop, but it was a dud. Finally, I got a Dell and that did well up until this HP PC, so I’ve been ‘in partnership’ with the Internet/Word/Finale/Gmail, etc for a bunch of years. When my PC goes down, even though I have my Kindle Fire, it just isn’t the same. I suppose I simply need a full-size keyboard and monitor, et al. I’ve shared that my access to the internet has been sporadic for months. I was blaming TWC for all my problems, but when my tech and I finally got wise and I checked on the date I switched to new Windows 10 and discovered that my problem began about that time, he did some further diagnostics and determined it was may NIC card that wasn’t reading Windows 10 as it should. I just installed my new NIC and ‘HeeLawsie!’ ‘hit works! I’m back Wading and am too joyful to not fret over my Cowboys or Aggies. I just Praise the Lord Today. I also promise to not be such a cry baby when my PC stumbles and fails. I will be patient and trust and obey. I will attempt to be a nicer person to live with, donchaknow. I surely am happy you dropped by today! Remember, “There is Peace in GOD’s Presence, all the time!” AMEN

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