“For English, press One for payment, press Two, for Customer Support, please wait for the next representative

Every time I use “Customer Support”, I am offered an opportunity to take a ‘brief’ survey. I just completed a number of diagnostic tests (All IS Well, PTL) and I was offered the opportunity to ‘rate’ it all. I always respond, honestly. The questions are fairly straight forward and ratings are 1 to 10, from “(very)dissatisfied”(1) to “perfectly satisfied” (10). I’ve given a few ‘ones’, some five through nine, but mostly tens. Interestingly, the person who provides support is very professional. The only problem I have is that they do not all speak English, so it isn’t easy to respond with a positive since I couldn’t assess how well they resolved my issue simply because I couldn’t understand what they said. I honestly believe these “Support” folks are sincerely interested in providing same, but language barriers negate the effort. I have had over three months of internet service to my PC from Time Warner. As I write this blog, I see the little icon down in my left-hand corner, change from ‘yes’ to ‘no’. I keep a journal and should I call Customer Support “Chat”, chances are the results will be the same. My point is this: “TWC must know I am having difficulty since I’ve spent hours ‘chatting’ with them (few speak English,donchaknow), but I’ve not had one query from them. Why? If they know I’ve a problem, why do they not simply call to check up on me? But, it doesn’t work that way. To everyone who is in Customer Service, ‘no call is good’. My driving seems to have my family on edge and since I’m the oldest, (the youngest are not held to the precise degree) it has been determined that I turn in my driving license for a North Carolina Identity Card. The past experience at a DMV is enough to demand those “two white pills”, but last Monday, we took a chance at the new Huntersville location. “Deligthful!”, could be my only description. No long line; no wait at all, and the gentleman who took my information was so nice, (spoke excellent English) and professional!!!, well his Customer Service was such that our day began on a very nice plain. It makes me more considerate and reminds me to pray for all those ‘customer service folk’, even those who are a bit difficult to understand. Even though the incident may not be a HOOT and even though they are probably following a script, they should be given respect and patience during a difficult time. That’s how JESUS would do it, donchaknow.
Father, thank you for all those who do their best to be supportive at times of difficulty. Forgive me for my poor attitude mistakenly thinking that they are the cause. Fill my heart with your Joy and Thankfulness for the opportunity to witness through my own respectful response. And, if it be YOUR WILL, improve my hearing and their ability to speak English. AMEN

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