Politically Sensitive “TMGYKIAW”

Duns Done Done It for me! I appeal to the folks in Washington to cut out all requests for money by candidates, period. It isn’t right for large money-bags to determine who wins. We already are given the option of designating $$ to the Presidential Campaign Fund at tax-time and I understand the procedure, but that only covers the ‘finalist(s)’. The last figures available say that 122 Million folks pay Income Tax. If all would donate $10 of their ‘tax owed’ and/or ‘tax refund’ there would be enough to share with each candidate from primary to election. That’s a bunch of bucks and by putting a limit on the total amount each campaign could spend..well it seems to level the field some. I would also like to see how just ONE campaign would go if there were ‘NO Editorials’, nowhere, nohow. If people wanted to make up their minds, let the people do some digging for themselves. News should be made up of facts not facsimile. We do not need to have each utterance dissected by opinionated, self-important talking heads spouting what they ‘think is true’ instead of what they ‘know to be fact’. Americans must not be influenced by the likes and dislikes of media. Media should be required to tell what happens without bias, period! News reports must stop repeating tragic abuse of firearms. Let the local authorities and citizenry deal with their own events. Stop making mayhem and murder such an attractive way to become famous. That’s what comes out of my box of chocolates this time and that’s why I let you know that “TMGYKIAW”, donchaknow.

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