The Truth of the Matter

I just realized that the “Joke” blog makes no sense. I should have explained ‘why’ the CT scan. My father died from Alzheimer. I’ve noticed a bit of a slow-down in reaction-time and other responses, so I thought it best to take time to be sure. My Doctor suggested these neurological tests, so we did the CT scan and it revealed a slight bleeding from the left side of my brain. Nothing of great importance, but it isn’t normal, so he sent me to a neurologist for further consultation.(I thought about the old TV series, “Ben Casey” who was always talking about subdural hematoma) Dr. Jung looked over the CT scans and “just to be sure”, had me have an MRI/MRA. (I had no idea as to what the MRA was, but it simply was a shorter time in the machine after an injection of dye). Now, we await the report. I don’t anticipate a concern, but ‘que sera’. We’ll take it one step at a time. If waterwader continues, you’ll know the Wader is still hunklin’ up stream, donchaknow. Thanks for prayers and sweet thoughts.

4 thoughts on “The Truth of the Matter

  1. Prayers for you my friend and may God bless. He in His infinite wisdom will take care of this and I’m sure you’ll be fine. How well we know that prayer works and does provide comfort and healing.


  2. I enjoyed your “joke” post, although I’m glad that you explained the potential seriousness of your condition and why you had to have the MRI/MRA. Prayers for comfort and healing will be sent. I trust that everything will be fine. Please keep everyone posted.


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