Left Behind

First thing, phone your retirement plan and broker. Have them make an electronic transfer of your assets, then go the the bank and withdraw every cent in your account. Do not stop on your way home. Shower, shave and dress in your finest clothes. Put all your lifetime achievement rewards, jewelry and cash in a bag and return to your late model automobile. If on the way, GOD’s RAPTURE occurs, folks who remain on your street will see the driver’s side door open on your late model automobile and a neat pile of shoes, socks, underwear, pants with belt, shirt, tie, rings, glasses, hearing aids, dentures and hairpiece. Your faithful dog will be sitting on its haunches, looking up. That’s what I believe. But, without JESUS CHRIST as your SAVIOR, you will be the one walking down the road and even if you decide to pick up the bag with all the valuables, they will be totally worthless and you are in for a miserable time.
“Without HIM there will be NOTHING!” and that’s what I get from my box of chocolates. AMEN

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