Are Butterflys Really Free?

Have you ever noticed that when a butterfly comes within your vision, you look?  If you are like me, your look lingers and calm happens.  GOD gave some creatures wings as a reminder of HIS provision of freedom of grace and the thrill of soaring like an eagle.  From an ugly, fat, squishy slug, there emerges a creature of artistic elegance and style. Not only does the butterfly provide necessary pollination, but it fills its purpose in a short life-span. GOD didn’t provide ‘free will’ to the butterfly. GOD created every living creature with a specific purpose in mind.  Butterflies flit from blossom to blossom, as do bees and hummingbirds.  Their days are filled with one special chore.  If they didn’t do their duty, we would find very little food to eat.  GOD has a specific purpose from you and me, too.  Some creepy, crawly creatures are difficult to accept, they fit in to the plan; they all have a purpose.  Maybe all those icky insects were created by GOD so that exterminators could find a job.  Garbage, though gross and smelly, provides means for people to put food on their table by riding around on big trucks, taking ours to the dump.  We all are endowed with just exactly the necessary skill to fulfill our service to others.  The animals don’t think, they just do. You and I, unfortunately, have ‘free will’ and that sometimes leads to ‘won’t’.  We should respect butterflies and a bunch of other creatures.  They do GOD’s WILL and do it well. We, on the other hand, need Holy Help, donchaknow.  So, ‘Because HE LIVES, we can face tomorrow, today since tomorrow is today before it’s tomorrow. Hmmm. Amen or Oh My?


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