Pink Slips

I’ve been relieved of duty three times. One was a volunteer position and the others were broadcasting jobs. Both my radio exits were  due to change in ownership. Fortunately, things were in better economical shape and there were other positions open.  Recent unemployment situations is totally new for me. At over eight decades in age, being unemployed was to be expected. Even though I feel like I could do it all again, when I have trouble breathing after walking MAX around the house, I realize the truth.  I’ve also mentioned difficulty in walking to my seat after directing one selection during the Choral Celebration of the Brazos County Community Chorus a few years back. There is some advantage to varied careers.  I should know since I’ve had some. The only time I failed was as a Route Manager for the Houston Post. It was a bad decision from the get go.  I was softly told to “Hold It Down” by Dr. David C. Brown. (too much ‘exuberance’). I did so for over 20-years. The exit from the volunteer position on the Public Address at football games at SFA in Bryan.  I knew something was up when I asked Band Director, Jack Briggs, “Will the Lass-os join you for tonight’s crowning of the Queen?”.  He mumbled something and quickly walked away. When I reported to the press box, the speech teacher was sitting at the microphone with the script in his hand. “I’m sorry, Jim, but I was asked to do this just this afternoon.”  When he told me that the Principal had assigned the duty, I went directly to the office and asked ‘why?”  “It came from higher up,” he said.  “Your ‘funny remarks’ take away from the game”.  I didn’t say or do what I felt like.  I really wasn’t surprised. Other than time spent with students in the choir rooms, teaching in Bryan was like walking through a maze at midnight. I felt like I was isolated on an island, except when my students arrived for class. When the day came, I knew. I had given all I could to my students and those wonderful years were mine forever, but I seemed to be a source of negative and certainly didn’t want that to rub off on my choirs.  GOD knew me and provided other opportunities!  Being dismissed from volunteer positions hurt for a time, but today, they simply were bumps in the road and a bit funny, donchaknow.  “Que Sera”, and all that. “Faith”, friends, have Faith!” AMEN

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