Bring It ON!

A Christian isn’t one who sees difficulty in every opportunity, but sees opportunity in every difficulty.

We just need more ‘knee-bends’. I know of two professing Christian Presidents. Both were identified as such during their campaigns. Both had huge difficulties during their tenure. Somehow I felt that there were two worn spots in the blue carpet at the corner of the desk in that Oval Office. President Carter must have spent time there with the problem of the Berlin Wall and the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  GWB was hit with difficulty, including war, faulty Intelligence, failing economy, ravaging storms and 911.  Their Faith during each demonic assault was evident to those who believed. That Faith was the subject of ridicule by a majority of Americans.  My Dad always said that Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter would be remembered as Great Presidents. I believe he would have included George W. Bush, had he been alive during his tenure, even though GW was a Republican. My entire family was ‘died in the wool’ Democrats. My Mother admitted that she would have been kicked out of the house had Sam Austin known she voted for Ronald Reagan! If you have hit that ‘low valley’ and overcome diversity, then you must have bent a knee.  If not, it’s not too late to do so and make GOD smile. The way things are today, this might be a good time to put two worn spots in your carpet, donchaknow.

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