A “Major” Mistake  (Troy? Do you recall this?)

Troy Dungan had a neat little Triumph sportscar.  He also had an army field cap with a Major’s insignia. Troy’s PO Box was in Ridgecrest Shopping Center, located between Bryan and College Station.  One Saturday morning, he and I were tooling around B/CS and he stopped off at the Post Office.  I was sitting in the passenger’s side wearing the ‘Major’s Cap’.  All at once the PO door swung open and a Colonel in full dress walked out, snapped a salute. “Major!”, he said and I responded with a salute and “Colonel”.  He continued to his car and I could breathe again.  I told Troy as he came out and he said, “What happened then?”.  I was relieved to say, “Nothing, we saluted each other and he left.  I will never forget my ”Major Mistake”, donchaknow. I believe that insignia was removed fairly quickly.  GOD be praised for protecting one’s less than intelligent act.  AMEN

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