There I was, without a clue

I had no idea that there was more to music than simply knowing the ‘fingering’ of a trumpet.  I had no idea that instruments were tuned to a default pitch.  I should have tumbled to the fact that my horn was described as a B-flat Trumpet, but until my senior year, as I began to play “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, accompanied by the piano, for my Mother’s Sunday School Class, it sounded very bad.  That was the first indication that my basic musical knowledge was lacking. To play with a piano, I was required to ‘transpose’ and play the notes in the hymnal ONE-WHOLE-STEP higher. I didn’t know that at the time, so I played the hymn without accompaniment.   and the ladies were kind, mother was a bit embarrassed. I was never invited back to play my horn.  Going in half-cocked, flying by the seat of my pants didn’t always work out for me, but it exciting to try it anyhow.  I learned not to fear failure from my parents.  They were always trying something new.  My Dad drew great house plans without being taught drafting.  He also became an outstanding baker, much in demand for his Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, Pancakes and Cream Puffs.  Mother was extremely successful in craftsmanship and sales in a fabric shop.  I took a shot at new challenges and took my lumps.  I’ve gotten into some deep difficulty attempting to do new stuff on a computer.  Thank goodness I have a tech on standby, just in case. I’ve learned caution by observing my wife.  She approaches things thoughtfully and carefully and she doesn’t get into trouble.  I can’t guarantee to do the same, but it’s not because it doesn’t make sense, it’s just not as much fun, donchaknow.  GOD isn’t the only one who provides Grace and Mercy.  An understandingly patient lady does a pretty good job keeping me in tune.  THANK YOU LORD!    AMEN

2 thoughts on “There I was, without a clue

  1. Love reading all of your blogs Mr A. Your honest and human way of telling us all things God has given you the wisdom to see. It makes it a true joy for me to read your work and words. I have them all saved to a Mr A file. So I can read them whenever I need that Spiritual kick in the pants or need my Spirit to be lifted.Keep up the good works and your words will be passed on,in my family, for generations to come. Bless you Mr A.You are still a hero in my book.


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