A Good Friend and His Thoughts about Bob Jones

Don and Dorothy Bates are special friends. About the time that we moved from Vegas, they moved, along with part of their family, to Idaho. Don retired from the Air Force and then entered the workplace at the Post Office in Las Vegas. Dorothy makes a mean cake and her “haystacks” are too much. Don was a fellow Deacon with Bob Jones at Desert Hills. Here is his response to my sharing about him:

“The world is a better place for having known Bob Jones. Even after so many years, Dorothy and I still miss him. Arlene and Kelly related that when they were making his funeral arrangements, they were having a good time reminiscing and remembering good times with Bob. Arlene said she wondered if the funeral director thought they were being sacrilegious because of the way they were joking and carrying on during the planning. She spoke with him about it and he told her it was obvious they were comfortable with Bob’s position in the hereafter. He also thought it wonderful they had such good memories of him and that he was such a wonderful man and Christian. Their conduct was a refreshing reminder of the HOPE in Jesus and the future resurrection of Believers. Those crazy(?) women were even singing hymns of praise while making his funeral arrangements!

Praise GOD for men of faith like Bob Jones. He was a wonderful man and a dear friend.”

Bob Jones was “AMEN Corner” in every worship service.  He would fill the house with approval “Amens” when Dr. David Brown hit great points.  One Sunday night, Dr. Brown was ‘right on’ and Bob was right with him. About half-way through the sermon, Dr. Brown asked a question and Bob came back immediately with an “AMEN, YES”. Dr. Brown smiled and said, “NO!”  Bob didn’t miss a beat, “NO!”, he said. (quiet respectful chuckle from all in attendance).  Sadly, after Bob passed away, there were very few “AMENs”.  The BIBLE tells us that there is only praise and adoration in Heaven. I will wager that above it all there is a bunch of “AMENs”, donchaknow.  Don, I agree!  It is a shame there are so few Bob Jones left around today. When my time on earth is over and my box of chocolate is closed – if there is a ‘Gathering’, I simply want a good ole “Singin’ Convention” filled with great songs of the faith beginning with “All Hail King Jesus” and ending with “It is Well With My Soul”, accompanied by Michele Lakey (if she’s available)  No sadness, please. I’ve GONE HOME!  AMEN!

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