Hot to Cold Love

Lukewarmness—a Form of Blasphemy

“Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.” – Revelation 2:4

In Revelation 2:1-7, we read about the Lord’s charge that the church at Ephesus had left their first love. It wasn’t that they didn’t love the Lord Jesus. It was that they didn’t love Him like they used to. If there ever was a time when you loved Jesus more than you do at this moment, you’re backslidden. G. Campbell Morgan said that lukewarmness is the worst form of blasphemy. I believe he’s right. Lukewarmness is a way of saying, “God, I believe in You, but You just don’t excite me.” Oh, how we ought to stay in love with the Lord Jesus Christ!

Have you left your first love? Has your love for Jesus become lukewarm? Pray Psalm 26:2 and seek His face.

I began my part-time music ministry at First Baptist Church, Cedar Bayou, Texas in 1953.  I had led choirs and served as the “singer” at a number of revivals, but had never witnessed the intensity of a “church fight” until First Baptist in Bryan determined to remove Dr. William Harvey Andrew from the pulpit. I had been a guest of my room mate, Jimmy Vann, at his church in Rodessa, Louisiana. I was  the guest soloist things went well until the end of the service when a heated discussion over who was to lead the singing for an upcoming revival. There were two factions with people in mind. One faction favored Jimmy’s father (who had been leading singing at revivals there for over twenty years) and the other had someone else in mind. The shouting went on for a time until Mr. Vann suggested a compromise.  Much to my shock, the compromise was ME!  I was voted in without my saying anything. That summer revival was a total reaffirmation of many in that church, with night after night of tearful forgiveness. I will never forget that one.

The next church conflict was over the service of Dr. William H. Andrew at First Baptist Church in Bryan.  A faction there determined that after 30-years of service, Dr. Andrew had become too old to lead effectively.  The day he preached his last sermon in Bryan was my last Sunday to serve as worship leader. Susan and I have witnessed three more upheavals and two were at the same church.  Dr. Rogers thoughts quoted here remind me of churches who lose love of both GOD and each other. Tragic, so Tragic.  I pray that you have not experienced ‘love letting go’ in your church.  Loving each other as GOD loves us will always win out in times of disagreement. Amen?

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