Today is my only Tomorrow!

Brown Round TOITI received this “Brown Round TOIT” from my wife’s mom some years ago. She did it in fun with, “Just in case you ever need this”.  I am certain that she did it as a joke, but it hit hard. There are “crastinators” and then there are PRO-crastinators. WW happens to be a “Pro”.  After due consideration, it has been determined that my problem is simply one of laziness, unless I wish to expend the energy.  It must have been a HOOT to live with me all these years. I’ve heard “Tomorrow Never Comes” all my life, but never internalized it. I’ve worked very hard, but only on the things I wished to complete. The book of James is a tough one to digest. If you’ve not spent time there, do so, but expect it to knock your sensitivities and self around a bit. I have no idea where my round toit is now, but since I’ve included an image of it here, I will be forever reminded to retire from being a “Pro”crastinator and attempt to not put off that which collides with ‘druthers’, donchaknow. Wow, this feels so good right now, may GOD provide the courage to do as I should. Amen?  AMEN

Brown Round TOIT


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