Sneaky Petes

Some folks are in for a big surprise one fine day.  They are the ones who prey on trusting citizens and steal whatever they can.  I’ve been the victim of Identity Theft once and two attempts since. My first sneaky pete got as far as opening accounts in six banks with overdraft protection of over $20K. He had already taken advantage of OD to the tune of $6000.00. He had accessed our personal bank account and was in the process of having renewed bank cards sent to his address in Las Vegas. It took me over six months to get all of this mess stopped along with a ‘special annual charge’ at the three major credit unions that placed my account behind a security wall. We are indebted to a lady at a bank in Elizabeth Town, New Jersey for being suspicious when she called for credit. She noted that we had just that week brought our credit information up-to-date and the ‘new’ address did not coincide with the one in Vegas. She took time to call me and let me know of her concern. She also turned the application down. Since ‘pete’ had done all this on-line, I called Transunion and with the list of inquiring banks, began a phone call contact with each.  Surprised was I to learn that “I” had to prove that I was and he wasn’t. I had someone in Bosnia attempt to purchase jewelry with my bank card when we lived in Vegas, but that was handled by my bank. I took phone calls to each bank and completion of forms each sent. I began a police report and even called the Federal Trade Commission. Even though I did all the necessary things, the damage had been done.  ‘pete’  had all my personal information and was still on-the-loose.  He had cable installed and I knew an executive at Cox Cable in Vegas. He gave me the address, phone and other pertinent information. I called the number and a lady of Hispanic origin answered. I ask for James and she said he was working. I gave this to the officer in Vegas, but nothing came of the whole thing.  The man still has my info and has attempted to have cable installed in two other locations since. The last was in Columbus, Ohio about this time last year.  I believe it was through someone at the cable company in Vegas who may have sold my information since the driver’s license he gave was Nevada. Also the speed in which I got all the information from Cox would indicate the same. I do know that regardless of precaution and guaranteed protection by anyone, the bad guys can get what they want, anytime. I just googled my full name and got just about all the information anyone could need to commit fraud and most of it is from Facebook. So, take care of the information you share there. That’s what I get this time from my box of chocolates, donchaknow.

Just remember! We’ll understand it better, by and by!  AMEN

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