The Danger of Lack of Research

GOD smiles at the TRUTH. Today’s WW is a perfect example of righteous indignation ‘gone awry’. In my endeavor to share, I failed to simply check on facts. GOD Bless Don Hill. From way out there in Thailand, while taking time off from his Missionry Minstry, he points out the error of my rambling in today’s WW:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this, Jim. I always enjoy reading your missives. I respect your views about the Kim Davis case. But I must point out that for her to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple would NOT have been following the law of Kentucky as it currently stands. The Supreme Court decision in the recent marriage case did not change anything about Kentucky law. So in fact she WAS following the law, until the Kentucky legislature changes it. Miss you and Susan! God bless.

And Thank YOU, Don Hill! You and Sai are in our prayers and your comments are a welcome source of fresh air. You keep in there and see that the ‘Wader’ doesn’t get into Too Deep a’Water, donchaknow.

Humbly Contrite,

The Wader

One thought on “The Danger of Lack of Research

  1. Ha ha, I love your humble heart, Jim! I read your response to Sai and we both had a good laugh! Believe me, I’ve been similarly guilty of speaking before I really know what I’m talking about, and I hope if somebody hears me do so, they will call me to account (with gentleness and respect). I hope I exhibited those qualities in my remarks, but if not, please accept my apology. Love and miss you and Susan! God bless and keep you!


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