President Truman said…

President Truman is quoted as being the first to say it, but there is a story that gives the credit to a friend of Truman’s, Harry Vaughan.  Either way, it applies to us all. Most especially in the case of the Registrar who refused to record a same-sex marriage in Kentucky. GOD’s laws are not necessarily man’s laws, but GOD instructs HIS OWN to respect and abide by man’s laws. Until a law is changed, our duty is to abide by it or change  jobs. Donald Trump just said it and he will get lambasted, but he is correct. I left my most favorite vocation because I could not adhere to the arbitrary rules and regulations of an administration.  It is my belief that we change jobs and work to change laws that conflict with GOD’s LAWS, but never say “NO” to the law and take a paycheck. I would rather see an individual ‘witness’ by sharing his or her faith as they complete the forms.  Obedience to the law as one respectfully expresses an opposite opinion would go further than disobedience or playing the ‘media’ card. I respect Governor Mike Huckabee, but his appearance at the release of Kim Davis smacks of Al Sharpton or Reverend Jesse Jackson tactics. The Governor preaches the sanctity of our Constitution, yet picks and chooses that part he supports.  The Bible is very clear as to how a Believer should respond to government and those chosen to lead.  Refusing to follow the law is directly opposed to the LAW of GOD.  I admit that I take the Scripture to be GOD-inspired and thus it is HIM talking. If you disagree, take the time to read Psalms 75:6-7 or Romans 13:1-2.  Titus 3:1-2 reminds us that we do have an option at the Polls. We have the obligation to change those who fail to serve the common good.  So, “If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get the Heck out of the Kitchen” and change the shape of the whole house! It also might result in change since you left and they saw the light, donchaknow.

One thought on “President Truman said…

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this, Jim. I always enjoy reading your missives. I respect your views about the Kim Davis case. But I must point out that for her to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple would NOT have been following the law of Kentucky as it currently stands. The Supreme Court decision in the recent marriage case did not change anything about Kentucky law. So in fact she WAS following the law, until the Kentucky legislature changes it. Miss you and Susan! God bless.


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