Built In and Guaranteed Obsolescence

IMG_20150901_073035I have installed the ‘final’ Windows Operating System. At least that’s what I am told. Windows 10 is unique and has bells and whistles galore. It will be interesting if W-10 truly is Microsoft’s final offering. Based on how my cell phone seems to stop ‘phoning’ just as I cross the second year of operation, for the third time, it serves to make me wonder. I am uncertain as to the number of new and improved cellphones offered by Apple, but the new one can’t be any better as a phone, can it?  Oh, of course the other ones didn’t have 40,000 Apps and HigherHigherHigh Definition optics and cost twice what the last one cost. Yet, folks line up (some camping out for hours) just to say they have the ‘new one’. I promise to purchase the very latest “I”-whatever when it makes coffee and does the laundry. Pictured is my new and final cell phone. I can talk on it and punch the ‘Red’ button and immediately be connect to someone who can assist, should I need assistance. It’s called the “Jitterbug” and it has large numbers and a good speaker. It is just what I’ve asked Santa for and it’s a HOOT, donchaknow.  What a relief it is to finally get back to the good old days of when a phone was a phone. Thank YOU. LORD!  AMEN

2 thoughts on “Built In and Guaranteed Obsolescence

  1. Thanks for the pic of “Jitterbug”..had wondered if it was a goodie or another baddie on the market. I am blessed(?) with a son who is IT smart. Consequently, I possess a MAC computer, Apple phone 5, and a straight line to him when I need to use either one of the fore mentioned miracles.
    Personally, I think I would be better off with a Jitterbug, period.
    As before, thanks for your thoughts for the day.


  2. 2nd comment: I almost forgot, when you find the machine that makes the coffee and does the laundry plus mops the floors, please share.


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