I’m At Home At Christmas

Christmas was the biggest and bestest time of the year.  I say ‘was’ because each one is different.  As my immediate family members diminish, the empty chairs can speak pretty loud. I also miss the joy of painting a musical ‘Christmas Card’ with my fine choirs. Concerts around Christmas were special and unique. None were alike. Singing carols in the halls of SFA were precious and great fun. Each concert has its own special place in my memory, but the one we did called “Sing We Now of Christmas” with the falling snow and Anita Giesenschlag playing our grand with a chain across the strings making it sound like a harpsichord, now that one was special. I have a picture of the group seated in front of the cover facsimile of the actual choral score. I believe Mary Edna Dorsey created the backdrop, either she did or John Scogin. Christmas is the same in my house. We will never change.  GOD and JESUS reside and it is through their blessings and grace that we are allowed to cohabit, donchaknow.  When talking with my teacher friends today, things are so politically correct the true ‘reason for the season’ is lost among the glitter and tinsel.  We are in a mess of trouble and are blissfully tripping along to the ‘darkside’. When I was playing ‘disc jockey’ in the mid-fifties, I wore Mahalia Jackson’s “Silent Night” totally out during the Holiday Season. Pampa got a dose of her every night. If you’ve never heard that dear, sweet saint of song, you’ve missed out. (take time to listen it on You-Tube)  The recording I played was a different arrangement on an LP by RCAVictor and I wore it out. We also borrowed program material from Harry Simeone and Roger Wagner.  I copied their recordings and they became special favorites wherever we sang. I’ve shared that our recording of “The Little Drummer Boy” was so popular in Pretoria, South Africa, the program directory called from there requesting another copy. Every time the choir performed at my first alma mater, Sam Houston State, the President of the college would always request that number. Christmas Day will never lose its power. For those of us who know the truth of that special event, no dictum or attitude will ever take the ‘Reason for the Season’ from me. I suppose I am in a sentimental mood as I share this with you. I pray that you, too, have the Love of JESUS, down in your heart!  AMEN

2 thoughts on “I’m At Home At Christmas

  1. I loved all of our choir events but Christmas time was always my favorite. Singing about the birth of our Lord not only blessed all who heard but those who sang as well. One of my greatest blessings from choir was when you gave Randy Wilson and I the song You’ll Never Walk Alone. The way you had us stage it was so awesome. The stage was so dark and you just heard the first line but no visual of who was doing it. Then Randy sang the next line in the dark then the 3rd line the lights start coming up slowly and the music came in .I felt as if God was singing thru us.thank you for that blessing Mr A. I have shared that with my children and my grandchildren.


  2. I agree that the number of chairs around the table grows smaller each Christmas..sad to say as I truly miss family members and always extra guests who somehow showed up. Christmas was always a very special family time.


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