Class Report from John Howard Hatfield – SFA, Bryan Class of ’65

Here SFA’s class of ’65 and their monthly dinner report. I am an avid follower of John’s wit and word-with-all. Even though you may not know any of the attendees, I Thought you might be entertained by his telling. (FYI I taught many of those in attendance)

SFA Dinner – 26 Aug 15 – Dickey’s BBQ

Well! When I say 24 were in attendance, EVERYBODY jumps on me right away. So Jan sys 24 were at Dickey’s BBQ last night and not a whisper comes out. I have been notified that by Lydia’s count (the one and only official) there were only 21 in attendance—Lydia provided a listing by name to boot. Me, I still have to disagree. I think the final number was closer to 30.

According to Sam Searcy and affirmed by Lydia (I mention Lydia because that adds a great deal of validity to any fact), Mike Hudson showed (fashionably) late and made the rounds of the lengthy table allowing each of us to shake his hand and kiss his ring prior to Pope Hud taking a prominent place at the table end (head of the table), a place not previously appropriated by the organizers. Incidentally, Lydia states that Sam reminded her of this FACT twice, hoping that someone would include this in the meeting epistle. He held court there the rest of the evening; dominating both Sam’s and Vernon’s time so much so that hardly anybody knew either of the two had attended.

A great deal of our valuable time was held from us by Beth reminding us of the separation of elementary school attendees with the openings of new facilities and how steadfast Crockett students were forced against their will to attend Fannin; thus breaking up the gang that strolled home via Cavitt Avenue, never more to associate with their beloved schoolmates until we were once again combined into Lamar Junior High.

I am told that those at the table who were members on the Ashley Madison website are still in horror of the wrong they have been done by the unscrupulous hackers who invaded their privacy and released their somewhat valuable personal data. I’m not sure what they are referring to as I don’t spend that much time surfing the internet. Also I have no idea what Lydia is talking about when she refers to the question “How people answer questions on Water’s World”. What’s that about?

There seemed to be a lot of talk of what was going on in the Houston area. Some are still surprised that the Astros are doing so well and there is a good possibility they may make the playoffs this fall. Let’s not hold our breath! I like many others was saddened to hear of A&M Class of ’50 Dr. Red Duke’s passing. He was really loved as a unique Texan and enjoyed by many for his way of getting us on his side. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with him several times at Corps of Cadet functions at the campus and really liked the guy—he will be missed by many.

There was the usual discussion of the news of the day: shootings in Virginia and the robo calls starting for those guys offering themselves up for the Presidential nomination. In an attempt to not offend anyone, I will withhold my thoughts on the later.

I believe the most complained subject was the lack of quality TV programming that takes place at this time of the year along with the foul mouth trend in what is making it into our living rooms (or bedrooms according to Thomas Faubion—seems that Thomas spends as much time in bed watching TV as he does painting rooms in his house). How many of you guys are watching Marshal Dillon these days?

Great to see Ernest Luna in attendance. I am sorry that Jimmy commanded his entire time and did not allow Ernest (or his better half) to converse with any of the rest of us. Our loss!

Of course, there was much time spent offering up war stories to Lawrence Zuehlke, Jan’s better half, as he was new fodder for those of us that haven’t ever spent much time with him. This allowed Jerry Nance, Thomas and I to repeat stories I know each of have heard before—new blood for war stories is ALWAYS a good thing. It gives some of us the only outlet we have and keeps our minds active—a godsend that we really need and appreciate.

Lydia also mentioned that Windows 10 received its fair share of attention. I’m staying as far away from that subject as possible until at least 1000 guinea pigs of my personal acquaintance have made the upgrade and survived.

When we observed the table being set up, both Dianna and I were somewhat settable that we would have enough butts to cover the number of seats the Dickey’s guys were allowing for. We were greatly surprised that there were so many that we had to commandeer a stepchild’s’ table adjacent to accommodate Pat, Victor, and Cathy (aka Vince Patranella). Isn’t it nice how Word underlines most of your misspellings so you can quickly fix them before most everybody finds out that you can’t spell worth a hoot? For all the good it does, it has still not learned to spell Faubion (underlined in red, but correct)!

Boy, how times have changed over the years? We all used to be able to converse with one another and know of what the other speaks. As Lana was not in attendance last evening, we had no one to correct our thoughts and bring us up to date on the latest goings on in Bryan and most of College Station. I bet she’ll catch us all up next month.

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