When ‘Veering to the Left’ is good

We all are seeking something that’s just ahead, driving down the road lickitysplit when what we need is a Rest Area just to relax. What we do with that should include some meditating on where GOD would have us go. Of course it would have been better to have done that meditating before striking out, but it’s good to do so along the way, at least.  When doing it “MY WAY”, there were a bunch of bumps and potholes on the road. Christians should expect obstacles. They are there to ease us over to GOD’s LANE.  JESUS never said that there wouldn’t be crests and valleys. HE always warned that there were difficult times ahead.  HE prevailed over the most horrible hours anyone could possibly endure.  We want HIS promise without paying HIS price.  We have that promise through Faith and Repentance.  I’ve been through some deep valleys of darkness and so have you.  The mistake I have made was to keep looking down, but when I have lifted my eyes just a bit, I have seen the light at the end.  I looked up with my heart and experienced an overflowing of peace and joyful assurance.  The right lane may pass through the tunnel of medical problems and it’s easy to travel in  woe, but should we move to the left lane where GOD awaits, bad things are left behind and PRAYER by saints has prevailed. And that’s what I select from my box of chocolates, donchaknow.  It IS no secret what GOD can do when people pray and we move over into HIS LANE. AMEN

Yogi , Dizzy, Shelby and Bill

My Dad thought the world of Yogi Berra and Dizzy Dean.  He never missed listening to baseball on the radio, but couldn’t stomach those televised.  He had played baseball and always told me that a three hour game was too long, with too many breaks for commercials.  Both Diz and Yogi are gone and with them went a lot of baseball fun. I loved to hear Dizzy call a game when a player “Slud” into base and his answer to the question, “Who’s the best pitcher in baseball, Diz? You or Paul? Diz answered, “Well, as much a better pitcher I am than Paul, that’s how much a better pitcher Paul is than me”.  Yogi, when asked about players going to a psychiatrist, said, “Any player who goes to a psychiatrist oughta have his head examined.”  Then there was, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over”.  Texas A&M had a jewel in Shelby Metcalf. It was reported that when the Aggies played highly rated University of Houston and being beaten badly, as the team readied to go out to the court, Shelby said, “Let’s go and the last ones out start”. Then there was Bill Peterson. He too was an interestingly entertaining fellow.  As the coach of the Houston Oilers, he was quoted as saying, “OK, pair off in threes and line up in a circle”.  He was also reported as praying before an important game, “Let us pray, Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord, my soul to take.” They lost. There are some reports of the things these and other coaches, have said.  They mixed up things so well, I think they were somewhat genius. They each were well-respected in their chosen field and you can’t ask for much more than that. I know Shelby to be an avid fisherman and Sam Austin always said, “Anyone who fishes is well worth riding the river with.”  I praise GOD for men and women who share so much enjoyment, unselfishly, without concern for gain. We will probably have to wear shades when gazing at their Crown.  Amen?

Bring It ON!

A Christian isn’t one who sees difficulty in every opportunity, but sees opportunity in every difficulty.

We just need more ‘knee-bends’. I know of two professing Christian Presidents. Both were identified as such during their campaigns. Both had huge difficulties during their tenure. Somehow I felt that there were two worn spots in the blue carpet at the corner of the desk in that Oval Office. President Carter must have spent time there with the problem of the Berlin Wall and the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  GWB was hit with difficulty, including war, faulty Intelligence, failing economy, ravaging storms and 911.  Their Faith during each demonic assault was evident to those who believed. That Faith was the subject of ridicule by a majority of Americans.  My Dad always said that Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter would be remembered as Great Presidents. I believe he would have included George W. Bush, had he been alive during his tenure, even though GW was a Republican. My entire family was ‘died in the wool’ Democrats. My Mother admitted that she would have been kicked out of the house had Sam Austin known she voted for Ronald Reagan! If you have hit that ‘low valley’ and overcome diversity, then you must have bent a knee.  If not, it’s not too late to do so and make GOD smile. The way things are today, this might be a good time to put two worn spots in your carpet, donchaknow.

A “Major” Mistake  (Troy? Do you recall this?)

Troy Dungan had a neat little Triumph sportscar.  He also had an army field cap with a Major’s insignia. Troy’s PO Box was in Ridgecrest Shopping Center, located between Bryan and College Station.  One Saturday morning, he and I were tooling around B/CS and he stopped off at the Post Office.  I was sitting in the passenger’s side wearing the ‘Major’s Cap’.  All at once the PO door swung open and a Colonel in full dress walked out, snapped a salute. “Major!”, he said and I responded with a salute and “Colonel”.  He continued to his car and I could breathe again.  I told Troy as he came out and he said, “What happened then?”.  I was relieved to say, “Nothing, we saluted each other and he left.  I will never forget my ”Major Mistake”, donchaknow. I believe that insignia was removed fairly quickly.  GOD be praised for protecting one’s less than intelligent act.  AMEN

On Your Mark

My friend, Mark Walker, Representative of the 6th Congressional District, North Carolina is toeing the line against Liberalism, every minute, every day. You should check his website and register for his newsletter. Mark Walker is one man who is keeping his promise, both to his GOD, his district and his country. When he opted to run for Congress, we were disappointed that we couldn’t vote.  We knew Mark and his family to be quality citizens with courage under fire and integrity to never surrender defeat in the spiritual conflict that is constantly fought over believers.  Mark stands with you and I in the important things and is a champion for the good of his people.  Check this man’s record and praise GOD for men of honor and integrity like my friend, Congressman B Mark Walker, 6th District, North Carolina. http://www.walker.house.gov    AMEN

There I was, without a clue

I had no idea that there was more to music than simply knowing the ‘fingering’ of a trumpet.  I had no idea that instruments were tuned to a default pitch.  I should have tumbled to the fact that my horn was described as a B-flat Trumpet, but until my senior year, as I began to play “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, accompanied by the piano, for my Mother’s Sunday School Class, it sounded very bad.  That was the first indication that my basic musical knowledge was lacking. To play with a piano, I was required to ‘transpose’ and play the notes in the hymnal ONE-WHOLE-STEP higher. I didn’t know that at the time, so I played the hymn without accompaniment.   and the ladies were kind, mother was a bit embarrassed. I was never invited back to play my horn.  Going in half-cocked, flying by the seat of my pants didn’t always work out for me, but it exciting to try it anyhow.  I learned not to fear failure from my parents.  They were always trying something new.  My Dad drew great house plans without being taught drafting.  He also became an outstanding baker, much in demand for his Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, Pancakes and Cream Puffs.  Mother was extremely successful in craftsmanship and sales in a fabric shop.  I took a shot at new challenges and took my lumps.  I’ve gotten into some deep difficulty attempting to do new stuff on a computer.  Thank goodness I have a tech on standby, just in case. I’ve learned caution by observing my wife.  She approaches things thoughtfully and carefully and she doesn’t get into trouble.  I can’t guarantee to do the same, but it’s not because it doesn’t make sense, it’s just not as much fun, donchaknow.  GOD isn’t the only one who provides Grace and Mercy.  An understandingly patient lady does a pretty good job keeping me in tune.  THANK YOU LORD!    AMEN

Comin’ In On A Wing and a Prayer

WW II was the inspiration of many songs that were popular for the war’s duration.  One of them was based on a true incident when a crew of a badly crippled B-17 made it back to their base in England on one wing and the partial of the other.

“Comin’ In On a Wing and a Prayer, I’m comin’ in on a wing and a prayer.  With my full crew aboard and my trust in the Lord, I’m comin’ in on a wing and a prayer.”  Our days are like that sometime.  JESUS promised to be with us, even to the very last breath on earth.  HE also promised that there would be troubles and personal trials, but in Faith, we could overcome all of them.  In James, chapter 5, verse 7 he says,”Be patient, therefore brothers, until the coming of the Lord”.  The Bible is full of warnings of travail, but the FAITH of GOD will never result in failure.  Even as Job suffered the loss of everything, including his health, he never failed to praise GOD!  David was constantly having to deal with his contrite heart, yet GOD blessed him, even calling him “A Man After Mine Own Heart”.  Every day we should be prepared to come in on a wing and a prayer – especially the prayer part.  These are times when a true believer must pray without ceasing, humbly bowing to the will of the FATHER and being thankful for all that happens, good or bad.  David said, “Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God, and renew the right spirit within me”.  How great is that knowledge and how wonderful is it that it can apply to you and me?  Now that’s a HOOT, donchaknow.  Amen