Ramblings and Confession, of sorts

There comes a time when a person must simply call on Faith.  GOD’s Faithfulness is not withheld from those who stand on HIS Promise. The wealthy experience financial collapse: the gifted athlete suffers the heartbreak of failure; parents walk the dark valley when daughters reach the age of 16 and sons change in attitude with voice-change. Friends and co-workers will disappoint and the news will be filled with nothing good. For the Christian; for the true believer; for those who have been made Righteous through the cleansing ‘blood of the LAMB’, there is a brightness that permeates the dark clouds of hopelessness.  I visited my doctor yesterday with concerns.  I seem to be experiencing minor memory loss and forgetfulness. I momentarily lose my balance. I write sentences that make very little sense. My doctor is very patient with ‘his patient’, so he goes through the panacea(tic) routine of weighing, taking blood pressure, looking into my ears and throat, listening to my breathing and my heart. He examines my abdomen and I DO have an abdomen, then checks the blood flow to my brain and toes. In order to completely make it evident that I need further assurance, he gives me a ‘memory test’ and takes blood. I pay my co-pay, get a receipt and are told there will be a report placed in my online diagnosis by Monday or Tuesday. What I have just done is taken up valuable time that could have been better spent by his examining someone who really needed it. Alzheimer’s runs in my family, but only on my Father’s side.  I am very observant of whatever indications there might be of dementia, so instead of reading GOD’s word and standing, in faith, on HIS Promise to ‘take care of me, regardless’, I worry. Had I had a conversation with any of you, I would realize the ‘concerns’ are not reserved for me. I would be correct in that you also have these moments. I forget that I’m nearly eight-five and “Hit Don’t Make No ‘Differnce’”.  I told my lady that I am in excellent health, down to my shoulders.  My doctor tells me that considering the mileage and longevity, I’m in good health otherwise. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.” Not my words, but HIS. That’s FAITH to stand on, enjoy life and love each other, donchaknow.  AMEN

2 thoughts on “Ramblings and Confession, of sorts

  1. I expect most of us have entertained these very same, or similar, symptoms at one time or another. My doctor has known me for some 20-odd years, so he very patiently does the check up and says the same as yours..Yep, we are gettin’ on! Praise be.


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