Homeland Security?

Our nation appears to be in a state of unrest and that is easy to understand when you consider all the threats and terrorism and riots evident today. We have just gone through a trial where one of our policemen was charged with the murder of a young suspect of color.  The jury spent days in deliberation and couldn’t reach a verdict.  Thus came violence erupting from ‘peaceful demonstration’.  Immediately there was an outcry for ‘Justice’ and a call for national attention, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson from some religious leaders. It is my opinion (only mine, donchaknow) that hopelessness and unrest results from GODlessness.  I can’t see that anything we can do that will make us totally safe. Just as in the internet, there are ‘hackers’ who successfully defeat protective walls. Now, what was meant to be another advanced ‘toy’, has developed into a threat to commercial flight. Drones available to the public are now entering commercial air-space and efforts to develop circuitry that prevents it are constantly being ‘hacked’ to defeat that.  I would like to have a drone, but it now appears that the government will probably get involved making them illegal.  Copy Cats are busily getting involved with all criminal activities.  Video of violence make up the headlines of every newscast. Youngsters who live in a hopeless vacuum, are susceptible to similar acts of violence. We can’t expect anything else if we do not obey GOD.  John the Baptist foretold just what is going on now. “Behold, the voice crying in the wilderness; prepare ye the way of the LORD!”  Perhaps we should spend less time preparing temporal stuff and pay attention to what John said. I believe there to be only ONE source of total security and that doesn’t come from anything mankind can provide. It will not occur in this life, but it will occur by Trust in Jesus. There is a great old hymn that says, “I’ve anchored my soul in the Haven of Rest. I’ll sail the wild seas no more. The Tempest may sweep o’er the wild stormy deep, but in JESUS I’m safe EVERMORE!”  HALLELUIA!!  In that I place MY Trust! AMEN

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