The Last One to Speak

Successful salesmen know when to ‘shut up!’.  Zig Zigler made this very popular, but the first motivaltional speaker to preach it was Douglas Emerson. Back in the early 70’s, just after I had left the teaching profession, I did some time selling insurance, dabbling in radio and real estate and cable-casting. An offer to open my own production company came out-out-the-blue by a man who was interested in providing income for his son-in-law.  He put up the money and I created “Sound Ideas”. We rented a small office and had it made into a single studio for recording of radio commercials. We outfitted it with a reel-to-reel and a cartridge recorder along with two microphones and a small 6-channel mixer. We built a recording booth with double walls containing empty egg-cartons and our ‘window’ was a discarded, insulated glass patio door. I had been doing First National Bank spots for FNB in Bryan and Huntsville, so I determined to add to their spots and offer a package of ten different half-minute adds for banks to run all over central Texas. The commercials for Bryan and Huntsville simply identified the bank without an address. After all, there was only ONE First National Bank in each town.  I took a small cassette recorder with a demo tape of 10-spots to twelve First National Banks over central and south Texas.  Every one of them bought.  I then made up a ‘sample’ for every First National Bank in Texas. I ended up with twenty-two banks who had ten-half-minute commercials sent to the radio station(s) of their choice every quarter with a ‘free’ group of Christmas/New Years included. I charged $20 per each. At $200 each quarter, Sound Ideas was a big success. I then was contacted by the President of Lilly Dairies to create commercials for each of their new ice cream bars. I was inspired and created a spot for their “Buckaroo”, “Baby Ruth”, “Chocolate Fudge” and “Eskimo Pie” bars.  The big selling point was that Lilly Ice Cream Bars were much larger than others on the market. My effort paid off very well. Lilly’s package was delivered to radio stations all over Texas just the same way as those to banks. We also did some very successful work for a quaint little shop of unusual items called, “Sokowiki”, with stores in Bryan and Dallas. Later, after splitting our profits, my partner and his step-father sold their shares to me. I had to close my shop due to a medical problem with my left knee.  As an aside, the “Sound Ideas” logo was chosen as one of the ten best in the nation and one of my Lilly spots was entered into a “Best Radio Spots in Texas” by a Bryan/College Station radio station and it was chosen as the best ‘novelty’ spot in the state.  Later, the owner/manager of the station called me to come and see ‘our’ Award, hanging on the wall in his lobby.  Since the plaque contained only the call letters of the station, Sound Ideas was simply ‘winner understood’, donchaknow.

All of this to simply say that once the sales information is presented and a demo played, the first person to talk loses. My son learned that lesson at an early age, but it is up to him to share details.  JESUS demonstrated HIS willingness to die on a horrible cross for you and me. He has told us why and what we must do to accept the ‘free gift of eternal life’.  He is quietly awaiting response and no further demonstration is required.  If you haven’t done so, please be the first one to “buy” at NO CHARGE.  AMEN

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