How Great is OUR GOD!?

The wagons are in a tighter circle every day The BAD guy’s animosity is gaining

strength. The reins are getting tighter and negativity is shouting for control. The

World is in turmoil and the evidence of rescue is invisible.  And, INVISIBLE is

our only HOPE. There was a very popular praise chorus that said, “Our God Is An

Awesome God” and we don’t sing or think it often enough. Regardless of the

appearance that evil will prevail, the GOD of all gods; the GOD of creation; the

GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the GOD of Noah; the GOD of Faith, Mercy

and Grace has promised to care for HIS own; and the GOD who has never failed

to keep HIS promise, WINS!  We who are HIS children will win also! HIS track

record is 100% perfect, donchaknow.  For example:

HE spoke the world into being and put the stars in place along with all the


HE created man in HIS Image.

He destroyed those guilty of disobedience with a flood.

He promised NOT to do that again.

He parted the sea for the Children of Israel to cross safely.

He flooded the entire Egyptian army, drowning every man.

He fed the Israelites with manna.

He has saved the Jewish race for centuries.

He healed thousands through the obedience of Jesus and He heals today.

He raised Jesus in victory over eternal death.

He has blessed this land even though we seem to forget Him.

He stands ready to forgive every one for every sin – past, present and future.

His judgment will be everlasting for every living thing.

He is AWSOME and He is SUPREME.  And yet we worry and fret over things that He will take care of.

I am so very glad to be part of HIS family, donchaknow!   May I continue to surrender to His control.  AMEN

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