A Christian should not suffer fear, worry, anxiousness, stress or concern about the future. Sure, that’s easy to say, but when you consider the evil that is rampant in this world, one must have some misgivings. Now, Microsoft is practically requiring folks who use a computer, to ‘move up’ to Windows 10, for FREE!. It sounds like a good deal since past upgrades cost dollars. However, and here’s where paranoia sets in, what’s the catch? Rumors of privacy invasion by all types of technical offerings are frightening enough (to some), for it not to make one think twice. I have a wild imagination and each time I get a flu, pneumonia, shingle, tetanus, I wonder what little microchip could be injected along with the serum??? My Pom has a chip that assists locating her should she become lost. Creative people have inundated us with all kinds of ‘what if’s’. Now, what is preventing Microsoft building in a spy-super-spy that reveals all kinds of stuff? GOD alone knows our hearts, but there seems to be someone-or something-else that knows all other kinds of stuff about us. Alfred E. Newman had the right idea, donchaknow.  You recall Alfred”WhatMeWorry?” Newman. He was presented to be rather ‘dumb’, but in all truth, as a Christian who trusts an ALL Powerful GOD, I should share that same thought. Microsoft may have found the perfect ‘snooper’, but if you download Windows 10, you will have a HOOTIN’ Good Time just checking on the things it will do. It practically saves you from wondering about stuff that is of interest since it already knows what your interest is. What? Me Worry? (I wonder just who else reads these words?)

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