LOST! Half-a-Choir

Our trip to New York was most exciting, especially when on the way to Madison Square Garden, half my choir decided to take the wrong subway train. Wearing our choir robes, it was easy to spot some of the same uniforms across the way in the “Downtown” crowd, when we were supposed to be going “Uptown” to the Garden. You must know that my heart jumped into my throat when I saw what was about to happen. I could only herd the group with me onto a train and make my way to the conductor’s station. When he learned of the mistake, he called dispatch and had them notify the other train to see that the rest of the Stephen F. Austin A Cappella Choir was pointed in the right direction. (I believe it was due to the leadership of one Bill Dansby that the others decided to go to the other side since there were fewer waiting there) We were cutting it close and as the time moved closer I attempted to arrange the few remaining singers in some sort of grouping. Much to my relief the remainder arrived only a few minutes before we were to sing. I never said a word to Bill or anyone else. I would have probably broken down and sobbed in relief. As the group entered the stage we suddenly discovered that there were no choir risers, so I told the first group to go the the other side of a very wide stage and for the rest to follow, forming a curve. It worked and there is a picture somewhere of that event. Risers seemed to be a big problem wherever we sang. I had taught from the beginning to be ‘flexible’ and adapt to whatever the place offered. I must say that every SFA A Cappella Choir I was privileged to direct, was extremely adept at compromising. I was never disappointed in any facet of performance over my entire teaching span in Bryan, Texas. There is nothing like a trip filled with ‘adventure’ to keep one alert and entertained, donchaknow.

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