We Were the Broncos!

As a native Texan, I love football!  My step-grandchildren are playing soccer and I’ve sorta watched it.  Their games look like dropped BB’s, but the big folk make it fun and fast.  That’s why I love Arena Football. It’s fast and the clock doesn’t stop until the final minute of each half. I’ve not become a fan of the Houston Texans, but the old Oilers?  Oh Yeah!  It’s the Dallas Cowboys  and Texas Aggies for me, forever.  Years ago (a bunch of years ago) I couldn’t wait for Friday Night Lights on Bryan Bronco Field and the Green and White Bryan Broncos. Just like the neighboring Aggies, Bryan Broncos may have not won on the scoreboard, but “They’ve never been Beat!”  The big rivals back then, were the Temple  and Austin.  I made every game, especially those two.  It was in the early sixties when the Broncos played (I believe Austin, Stephen F. Austin) and it rained over 10-inches during that game. Rather than call it, the two Principals went into the press box and determined the yard marker. The PA announcer relayed the consensus to the officials. The stands were flowing water like a river; the field was like a large lake.  Whenever a player was tackled, they scooted along as if on water skis.  Austin outscored the Broncos, but the strangeness of the whole thing far outshone the game.  I can’t recall why, but four students rode back with me.  I had a Nash Rambler stationwagon and it proved to be totally waterproof!  The roads were flooded, half-way up the doors. The only way I could get traction was by following in the wake of our School Bus.  As long as I stayed in the draft we could move along. There were times when the flood was so heavy, even the bus was surrounded.  When that happened, I had the four students move to the back of the stationwagon and ‘bounce’.  I am not joking, but each bounce would allow my rear wheels to move us.  It was a most hairy night.  It took over 4-hours to drive just over 100 miles.  I think about that and our determination to ‘support’ our Broncos, Hail or Highwater.  It would be great if all rabid sports fans could get that excited about JESUS, donchaknow.

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