Thank GOD for pet insurance!

MAXThis is MAX. He has just walked and is out of his “condo”(crate) for the afternoon siesta.  MAX is recuperating from a very bad ruptured tendon(much like the ACL tear in pro football).  MAX is 4-years old and  survived an animal shelter and three homes before Susan brought him as a 2-year-old pup.  She felt sorry for him as well as thought he would be good company for MattieT and me.  He has been a joy even though he considers me to be ‘his’ opposition for the affection of my wife. MAX is  a large Chow-Retriever mix that doesn’t know that he’s not the size of our Pom. MattieT weighs in at a whopping 12-pounds where ‘my big red dog’ tips the scale at 70-pounds.  MattieT sets him off by ‘yapping’ one time and he raises the roof for nothing. (She sits back and looks at him in disgust) His injury was a result of chasing Seth, Susan’s 12-year-old grandson around our yard.  MAX pulled up lame and so we took him to the Vet. Her diagnosis was not good.  When she first looked at him, we were told some very bad news.  We’ve had to ‘put down’ four pets and the sadness never goes away.  Many tears were shed over ‘Big Red’.  Susan took him to the Vet for a final diagnosis and we were given pretty good news.  MAX “may recover since the tear isn’t as bad as first thought”.  I have always said that he would make it.  Here’s where we thank GOD for pet insurance.  First off, had we determined to have surgery, the cost would have been somewhere around $5000.00. Pet insurance would not have covered much and since the Vet was optimistic, we determined to ‘crate’ MAX (he was first trained to be crated) and with some pain-killers, let him have a chance to improve.  He has done so.  He still walks with a limp and there are times when his right-rear leg drags, but we aren’t giving up.  OH!  Yes, the pet insurance for both MattieT and MAX costs $70 each month, but it has already saved nearly $10K over three years.  Praise GOD for HIS provision in little things like our pet policy.  MAX still moves around with a leash.  We have too many wild animals that visit our yard and we know he would ‘bolt’ and reinjure himself.  He doesn’t think his injury is any more than a tiny troublesome twinge.  As you can see from the photo, he says,”What?? let me alone, I’m tired and sleepy!”  And I did, donchaknow.  (Just as I finished this blog, he got up and went into his ‘condo’. Now, that’s a GOOD DOG!)

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