Power Lost

Over the number of years in Vegas, I don’t recall ”power blackouts”. (considering the major business that demanded it for all the lights and machines, donchaknow)  That is not the way things are out here in the lower Piedmont.  Regardless of all the candles or battery powered gizmos, unless you have a portable generator, it is simply unsettling as you think of all the things power provides us.  The shock of total blackness is frightening, regardless of the number of times it occurs. The longest period of ‘blackout’ was five or six hours, but the time was not so difficult since it hit during the mid-day. That’s when my Kindle Fire HD8 is the champ. Total Black is not good. total blackout means total blindness until the eyes recover and artificial light is established.  I am saddened when I think of the “Total Darkness” so many people are experiencing, all over the world, today.  Spiritual darkness is apparent in the horrible acts of violence, one to another.  Those who walk in darkness are there simply due to the lack of the light only found in Faith and the acceptance of Mercy through the Grace of GOD and the shedding of innocent blood by the LORD JESUS CHRIST.  The state of darkness is evident in the tragedy brought on by those walking in it.  GOD allows travail and difficulty as an opportunity for spiritual growth.  It is the ‘refiner’s fire’.  Yet, even as hard times come, there is HOPE and the heart-knowledge promised of better times as a believer looks ahead at the light at the end of the ‘tunnel of travail’.  JESUS promised comfort in the form of the HOLY SPIRIT and through HIS ministry, the storms of life  become still.  I am the first to admit to spirit drop, but I am also among those of us who recover quickly.  My Daddy told me, many times, “Son,  when you stump your toe it hurts a lot, but it will feel so much better when it quits hurting, and it will.”  I am thankful for “The Light of the World” today.  When trouble comes and hopelessness comes on,  there will be a “Haven of Rest” in JESUS, donchaknow.  Those walking in darkness need to witness Christian Walk in the Light.  We may be the only one they meet. “Let the one who sees us, find us faithful!”   AMEN

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