I get junk in my email box, regardless of ‘unsub’, it still pours in. I am so thankful for my ‘spamtrap’.  I just unloaded over a thousand ‘junk’.  The number of ‘money offers’ seems to increase as each birthday arrives.  Senior citizens must provide a field day for crooks.  The way my healthcare is going, I suspect some are alive and well in Washington.  I have a ‘pet peeve’ with all this unsolicited ‘news’ about ways to increase my Social Security check.  I just got two for the same offer; one featured Hillary and  the other started off like I was about to lose my benefits. IF all this hype is factual and IF I can increase my annual ‘take’ by thousands, WHO is paying the difference?  IF there is money due me, why has it not been already  included?  My retirement amount isn’t a big surprise. According to the average, I’m hangin’ in there, but to use some ‘seceret-up-until-now’, either is like slurping at the country’s overdraft bucket or it’s someone’s way to clip us Elderly Citizens.  Both are disgraceful, donchaknow?  The ‘debtometer’ isn’t slowing and GOD’s gonna get a bunch of folks ..someday. HeeeLawsee!

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