Bad Boys, But Good Moments

Among celebrities there will always be those who act tacky.  They sometimes hear the ‘beat of a different drummer’, sorta like ‘Common Core'(but that is something for later).  We’ve had some doozies in the past and there are just as many ‘acting up’ now.  Over the many years of loving sports, I recall Sammy Baugh, Bobby Layne, Paul Hornig, Joe Namath, Pete Rose, Tiger Woods and Johnny Manziel.   Theater and movie idols have had their share of bad press, even some royalty be tacky.  I find, unsettling, the microcosmic delving into private lives.  As far as I am concerned, the closest I wish to come to famous folk is in an audience or on bleachers.  I’ve interviewed a bunch of the ‘rich and famous’ and each time I felt I should apologize for doing so.  Some made it clear that they couldn’t wait until the ‘pain’ lessened and it quit hurting ( and they had no idea that we shared the same sentiments).  Most of them required a bit of time to become comfortable and just chat.  I am still disappointed in some I have met.  They really messed up, painfully so.  I probably have a totally weird attitude toward his sudden interest in ‘domestic violence’. I do not condone it, but would prefer it be handled legally, quickly and quietly, without airing it as if it were my business.  As far as I am concerned, it results from sin and sickness. Most of the media is simply a platform for gossip,  That makes it less than trustworthy, donchaknow.  I welcome adverse opinion and certainly respect yours.  Thank you for visiting.  ‘Take the Name of JESUS with you’ and all the restless noise will become a whisper.


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