I Dare say,”Hold It!”

I never felt that sex education should have been the responsibility of public schools.  I have always had a problem of ‘marriage counseling’ taught by single people.  Everything a youngster needs to know about sex should be the responsibility of the adults in the family, PERIOD.  Now, I understand our public schools are given the green light to ‘educate’ our children in sexual orientation for the purpose of tolerating alternate lifestyle or personal preference.  As a parent and grandparent, I am disgusted with the deplorabe direction education  has taken at all levels. Common Core is bad enough, but this movement toward acceptance of abomination is most alarming.  America is turning into a Circus of Catastrophic Consequence on a Collision Course with Common Sense.  We are now in a new Dark Age of “Dumbdown”.  Illicite instruction in diabolical behavior makes me want to take my family into the woods and erect a large tent-house with two white horses and two black horses, my Kindle and old oily rags.  I will not allow deviants to determine how I live and think.  I am not intolerant of anyone’s choices in livestyle, but I am totally opposed to them attempting to take control of mine. This nation is no longer “Under GOD”. The new-birth-of freedom pendulum has swung so far left it’s stuck.  It makes me want to throw my hat in the ring of something.  Perhaps start with the  school board!  Local control of education; controlled by the will of the people, is our only hope for our future.  We’ve already borrowed ourselves into being overdrawn for decades.  We are leaving our next generations with our ridiculous bills and now our ‘government’ wants to convince them that it is acceptable to expect homosexuality as acceptably planned by GOD.  Washington, Leave US ALONE while we ‘Build Up a Wall!’  If this isn’t reason for a 100% voter turnout, then we deserve all this detritus, donchaknow.  Excuse the tirade, but it had to come forth else I exploded!


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