Pepperidge Farms Popovers

When we did the Channel 3 news/sports and started the sensationally exciting, black-and-white, B-run movie, Troy Dungan, Bob Huffaker, Billy Arhos and (sometimes) Earl Greathouse, would all gather at my house for ‘Popovers’. The package called them “Puff Pastries”, but they will always be delicious ‘Popovers’.  We would do this, sometimes, after we had taken off our shoes and socks, rolled-up our pant-legs and gone frog gigging.  With only one flashlight, we would wade and gather behind Arhos and as the light hit a frog, those eyes would look like parking lights on my Ford.  If Bill speared some, we would take them to my house, clean and cut off the legs and place in the fridge for to batter and fry on Friday night(um um Good!).  Then, wash hands and sit around eating a whole carton of ‘Popovers’ as we relived the craziness of live television and “The Gig”.  Some would have described our conclave as ‘strange and juvenile’, but to us, it was living and enjoying the blessing of buddies.  Troy and Bob are still around.  I haven’t kept in touch with Earl, but Arhos has gone from us.  Someone has said that true friends are there for life. Boy-oh-Boy, do I be blessed with so many like these and those I taught.  Think about your own and thank our Merciful GOD for each and every one.  Probably some have passed, but they remain in our hearts and it’s a joy to know that we will gather once again, for a longer time, the day they ‘Ring Those Golden Bells’, donchaknow.


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