They all laughed when I sat down to write

I am certain you have taken notice of my ‘typo’ problem.  I bought a voice-controlled program, but a partial denture impedes my diction.  If I am to continue conversing with you, I either need an ‘editor’ or you must simply bear with me.  I am missing stuff even when I read what I write. Bummer!  That being said, I have a ‘wonder’ that has to do with Social Media.  I suppose blogging is a type of same, but Facebook and Twitter and Tweetie and whatever seem to be going to the excess with sharing things that are ‘head-scratchers’.  I am so happy that people have good appetites, but I really care very little  being exposed to what is on their plate or how many times or where they dine.  Now, before you take offense, I realize I share some personal things, but many Facebook postings are quotes or ‘shares’ of something someone else has shared. Some of these are worthy of my perusal, but not all. This blog is from my limited intelligence and I would be interested in what YOU think and are willing to share. That’s what I get from my box of Chocolates, donchaknow.  It’s just a ‘wonder and I wander’ and whatever tickles your trembler, well…have at it.  We are in a time of, “If it feels good, do it”.   Another observation that may be trivial….have you noticed that beer advertising comes up with the best slogans? It used to be soft drinks and cookies. Hmmmm!  Thanks for your time and ‘Give the World a Smile Today’.  OK?  Amen

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