Faith of Our Fathers

JA Father's Day 2015There’s a great old hymn we used to sing on this special Sunday.  The Refrain had these lyrics: “Faith of our Fathers, Holy Faith, we will be true to you ’til death.”  I know what ‘my’ Father’s Faith was.  It pretty much was in line with what our Heavenly Father teaches.  That degree of Faith “OF” lead to a total Faith “IN”.  I knew my  Father did everything within his power to hold with strong hands, to the TRUTH as gleaned from Scripture.  Those hands were made strong from eight to ten hours of slinging a sixteen pound hammer, five or six days each week.  Whatever it took, Sam Austin was there, doing it.  I may not have been the son he deserved, but his faith in his example knew that someday I would be.  I thank GOD for that example of due diligence.  As we move further in time, I wonder what our young folks’ example of FAITH will be.  Today, I can be thankful that a GOD-fearing, gentle man  never lost FAITH. A life that set the example of doing the right thing, thus inspiring me to do the same.  As a father, I see that same quality of life in my own children.  I thank GOD that they did it much better –  “Papaw” like.  Today, I Praise my HEAVENLY FATHER for the man who said Grace at every meal and who walked upright in his Faith.  Today, it would bless our Heavenly FATHER if we truly “would be True to THEE ’til Death”.  Remember that “Obedience is better than sacrifice”.  Amen?

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