Yummy Spots

Growing up in Mount Pleasant, Texas there were special spots of just plain old good stuff. We were blessed with three bakeries and to walk past on ‘bakery days’ just made our mouths water. It was very special for my Dad to bring home a just -out- of -the -oven,unsliced loaf of bread that my Mother would slice down the middle and put a stick of home-churned butter in it. I delivered Mount Pleasant Daily Times papers and Redfearn’s Bakery was just across a vacant lot from the back door of the print shop. Mr. Redfearn would sometimes send a big box of fresh-baked Brownies for the paper boys to spoil dinner.  Just up the hill on Arkansas Street, there was a ‘milk plant’ where Babbling Brook Milk was bottled.  If you’ve never enjoyed the yummy smell of a milk plant, you’ve miss one of the joys of life.  Those were the days of ‘whole milk’ with the cream in its own little place in a bottle.  UMMMHUMMM.  Fresh baked Brownies from Redfearn’s Bakery,  Hot ‘white’ bread from Butternut Bakery, Salt-rising bread from Myers Bakery and fresh ‘cream-on-the-top whole milk from Babbling Brook Creamery…. All of those goodies were loaded with what is considered today as ‘harmful to your health’, but at 84, this old boy would still, smilingly enjoy any and all, one more time, donchaknow.

One thought on “Yummy Spots

  1. YES! WE HAD A COW FOR MILK, BUTTER, CHICKENS FOR EGGS AND DINNER AND A VICTORY GARDEN ALL IN A NEW HOUSE AND NEIGHBORHOOD AT 2915 EMILE, BEAUMONT, TEXAS. 1942-45. Dad worked at the Magnolia Refinary and Mom worked at Josey Feed store and made us shirts out of feed bags. We had a black maid named Rose that looked out for us. She was great! I had a paper route with Enterprise and Journal 4am and 4pm, 96 customers daily and 115 Sunday. I was in love with my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs Evans , Ogden Elementary and delivered her paper. Walked to school with 2 buddies over a mile. Those were the days! Sonny, Jake, Perry Broussard (Byron in the middle).


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