Why “WaterWader”?

I’ve been asked the reason for this Blog’s name. Two things come to mind: My Father’s middle name was Wade and I wish I had been named James Wade Austin and there’s a Negro Spiritual that said, “Wade in the Water; Wade in the Water, Children. Wade in the Water, GOD’s gonna trouble the water”. To me, life has been a walk through both calm and troubled rivers of opportunity.  Somehow, when the thought of this Blog came up, I immediately thought of the title.  Right now it is good to walk ‘downstream’ since my life is much less filled with ‘stuff’.  For years, I was pretty much walking against the tide, being rather uncooperative.  I loved to teach, but had difficulty with the ‘busy work’ aspect.  I was convinced that to be an ‘administrator’, one had to be suspicious and arbitrary (especially with music programs that had better success than athletics).  I could never understand why every venue of public display of quality education was not totally encouraged.  Competition on a weekly basis was much more difficult for sports teams and I was a most avid fan of all of them.  I had very little problem when Red Burditt and Joe Newbill were the Bronco coaches, but the others seemed to either be indifferent or opposed to my program.  In all honesty being ‘Excellent on the POOR scale’ was disgusting.  I could never understand why it was necessary to ‘struggle’ with an oppressive effort to ‘keep me in line’.  How could I but fight that current?  Honestly, I still have my ruffles up when I run into bully management.  I just can’t help it, donchaknow. I know GOD has said to follow our leaders and that’s quite a challenge, at times, but stewing over issues is less effective than prayer….a hard lesson that I seem to continuing to learn.  I am blessed that you join me in the rushing water.  Together, we will eventually cross into the promised land!


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