The Day the Earth Trembled

The Bible tells of the violent earthquake that shook the area the day Christ died on the cross.  We  experienced what turned out to be ‘tremblers’, resulting from quakes in California, twice in Las Vegas.  The first was while we were eating breadfast during the run of the show. That one rattled the dishes in the cabinets for just a few seconds.  The second was much more frightening.  We had 40-foot palm trees outside our upstairs bedroom window and they were waving to and fro.  Our living room (now remember, this is Vegas) was walled in glass mirrors?? That’s where we went for saftey.  Not Smart.  Tornados and Eartquakes are terrible.  It is difficult to separate the fear of either, but in the final struggle, prior to ‘Heaven on Earth’, that will be the worst ‘crash and burn’ the world has ever known. Many of those who fail to believe and repent, stand a chance to of experiencing that devastation.  I am so glad I am part of the Family of GOD, for I believe I will miss that one.  WHY?  Well, there is a grand old hymn that says:

“The Tempest may sweep o’er the great stormy deep, but in JESUS, I’m safe evermore!”


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