Cheating has become rather expected by some.  The biggest news now is “DeflateGate”.  Poor Tom Brady!  Poor Patriots!  Poor, Poor, Poor.  First, it tires me to continue to hear about the “draft’ for months. NFL channel keeps plaudits employed by hashing and rehashing issues and then repeating these same segments just to be able to charge advertisers and fill 24-7.  Fox News does the same thing. Another thing about Fox that is a cheat…they are on a ‘commercial-break’ schedule that causes the host(ess) to interrupt guests before then can fully share facts…disgusting.  I worked ‘talk’ radio for years and we could float breaks when the subject was interesting.  We could even place them later in a time-slot.  Controling news reports by a clock is cheating listeners, big time.  And while I’m teetering on this small soapbox, let me share another ‘cheat’ that ticks me off. Local television News contains more ‘big’ international stories than pertinent local events.  I heard an ‘anchor’ refer to her newscast as a “show”.  The day that news reporters considered themselves showmen, that was the day that the news went dead.  Of course, there is an element of entertainment in television, but the seriousness of news reporting must totally overcome the entertainment aspect.  As far as I am concerned, the quality of news is  limited by the lack of journalistic experience.  Today’s news anchors are nothing more than announcers reading copy written on teleprompters by someone else, content of which is determined by folks who are ‘play-acting’ as a correspondent/newshound.   Any real news is beaten to death, over and over.  We are cheated out of factual, pertinent news because there are no true ‘reporters’ on the staff.  Anyone can write anything and have it shared as ‘newsworthy’.   The only thing ‘real’ today is the electricity that runs the whole mess.  That’s what’s in my box of chocolates, donchaknow.  And, by the way, the biggest Cheater of all is the man preaching anything other than GOD’s HOLY WORD.  AMEN!


One thought on “Cheats

  1. You certainly hit the nail on the head..many a time. I have said that the reporters absolutely beat a dead horse..nothing new to say, so they just repeat, repeat and repeat again, what they have said before. Thank you, Jim, I enjoy your dailies. God Bless!


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