Poor Inchworm

“Two and Two are Four; Four and Four are Eight; Eight and Eight are Sixteen; Sixteen and Sixteen are Thirty-Two” (from the song from years ago)  I must apologize the the Inch Worm!  She didn’t get it right according to our “Core Curriculum”.  Just because the majority says it so doesn’t make it an actual fact.  The majority will miss out on heaven, donchaknow.  GOD tells us that “Broad is the Path to Distruction and Narrow is the Gate to Salvation”, so that tells me that the majority is very wrong.  When I was teaching here in North Carolina, for one year, I discovered that the Valedictorian was not selected on the basis of academic excellence, but was ‘assisted’ in average by “community service”.  I believe ‘bonus points’ should only be given to students who are on the border line of a failing score. I can see the value of giving extra work in specific cases. Top graduates should be determined by their score in each subject, including electives.  I had three students who were Honor Graduates who did not earn an “A” in my choir.  Two for missing class and one for misbehavior and downright rudeness.  I was informed, in their case, my ‘less than perfect grade’ would not be averaged in.  That was reason enough to consider another vocation.  I believe that a few ‘top graduates’ may have been ‘assisted’ by means other than following the ‘absolute’.  Change of parameters is unforgivable.  Teachers will always have their favorites, but to give credit that is not due is very wrong and unfair to all, including the ‘favorite’. So, Miss Inch Worm, I still admire you and believe in you. You are so right and you will be exonerated in the end, donchaknow.

GOD can count and I go with HIS answers.  AMEN

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