He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands(even MAX)

IMG_20150307_093405For the past few weeks we’ve been unsettled.  Our “Big Red Dog” had been limping for some time.  We thought it to be arthritis, but when racing Seth around the yard, MAX pulled up lame.  He seemed to lose strength in his right rear leg.  We took him to our vet and discovered he had a ruptured tendon(much like the ACL injury in football). We were told that with limited movement and medication, MAX ‘might’ recover use of the leg.  Fortunately, MAX was cage-broken when we brought him into the house.  He took to being inside so well, we gave that cage away.  Our Raso family had a neighbor who had a cage to lend and MAX has been a great patient. The Vet gave him 4-weeks to show some improvement. Susan was concerned, but I felt that my buddy was made of finer stuff and an expensive surgery, even though it ‘might’ work in a 80-pound Chow/Retriever Mix, we did and MAX did as directed.  Tearfully, Susan took MAX in yesterday and left him for diagnosis.  This is why I know that GOD understands and provides the same loving care for our animal family…MAX has some use of that leg. The Vet thinks it rather miraculous and we KNOW it is another example of GOD’s Faithfulness and Grace. We have another 4-week’s supply of meds and a bit more time for GOD to continue to restore my faithful freind.  Praise HIM for his provision and the first full night of rest in weeks. The words to “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” got an addition this week. “He’s got You and Me (and MAX) brother, in HIS Hands.”


2 thoughts on “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands(even MAX)

  1. I’m so happy to hear that Max is improving. I’ve had a torn tendon in my ankle twice, and it isn’t fun. Luckily they both healed without surgery, but I was in a boot for almost 6 months both times.


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