Independent Dependency

I just completed a medical procedure.  It was my second such and the news is just as good as before.  When you get the call that follows the lab work and you hear, ” Your lab report indicates no problem and Dr. ——– says to tell you that at your age, further procedures will not be required”, well that is good.  I was prepared for whatever, but I sure am glad to not have to test the full degree of my courage, donchaknow.   As I awaited being rolled into “the room’, I thought of my independent decision to be dependent on a doctor and a hospital.  I had signed all kinds of paper that placed me entirely on their mercy and that takes faith.  There was a point of no return, but to call a halt to the procedure wouldn’t be smart since there were indications that there could be a problem.  As I lay there, lightly sedated, I thought about the true independent dependency of my life.  The old Hymn came to mind that said, “I’ve anchored my soul in the haven of rest; I’ll sail the wild seas no more.  The tempest may sweep o’re the wild, stormy deep, in JESUS I’m safe evermore.”  Taking that promise seriously leaves no room for anything other than simply resting in HIS Love.   Thank GOD for supplying folks worthy of our trust.  Amen?

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