Back then, riots were only in the movies

I can recall when riots were only in movies about prisons.  Never in a million years would we have thought we would see something like has happened recently.  There were ‘demonstrations’ and ‘sitdowns’. I recall something called a “sick-out” somewhere, but those things weren’t all over America.  Rioting must be big business for T-shirt suppliers.  What with technological creativity, slogans can be printed and the T-shirts distrubuted within a few hours. It makes me wonder about just how many of these uprisings are planned in advance, just waiting for the right opportunity to rear their ugly heads. I recall the culinary strike in Vegas when there were picket lines and ‘name-calling’, but no cars were burned nor any stores vandalized.  There may have been some rather abusive language tossed about, but each side got enough opportunity to make things fairly peaceful.  We have had enough demonstrations attacking law enforcement.  There may be some bad cops, but I do not wish to live in a city without police protection.  I’ve seen what the ‘demonstrators’ can do and that isn’t an option.  We’ve had too much loss of life, regardless of skin color.  One thing I note: there doesn’t seem to be the desire to ‘demonstrate’ or wear T-shirts supporting the police when one of them is a victim.  I would like to see the ‘organizers’ pay for the destruction. I would like to know who those ‘organizers’ are.  Two names seem to always come up, but there must be others who are poised with all the ‘demonstration paraphenalia’ in boxes, ready to distribute.  Those are the characters who deserved to be demonstrated against, donchaknow.   But, on second thought, let’s just leave all those who participate in riots, answer to a just and supreme GOD.  Oh, My, OUCH!!   In stead of “Lives Count” perhaps what the slogan should be, “LOVE Counts!”  Amen?

One thought on “Back then, riots were only in the movies

  1. Back then lynching was still part of the our wacked out national environment…back then “Colored Only” was part of our view of equal but separate…back then a law had to be passed for me to attend a school where the classroom were better and books not a issue and education began to be free and open to all on an equal basis…back then I was afraid to get stopped by a white policeman because there were no black ones…back then rioting was more violent in many ways than they are now…and I could go on but the truth is we are talking about the same Nation but through different eyes and experiences. No man whether black, white, police or not have the right to take a life. I agree “Life Matters” but when you are driving home late at night a get stopped and surrounded by three white policemen with their guns drawn…it dose not feel that my life mattered to them. Anger and rage are too weak to express what I felt but knew in that moment if I let them erupted I would be another black young man dead in Los Angeles during the 80’s where it was known that the police shot first and asked questions later. Yes, there are good police but there are far too many that are frighten boy-men with guns and a sense of authority but no real relationship to maturity or how to accept and treat people. Yes, there are individual and groups both white and black that profit from riots. You want police to protect you…so do these people in their communities and still in 2015 it is not equal policing…a very sad commentary on a Nation’s growth.

    So as I let my current rage subside and return to a more rational state of mind, I know we see the problems and can continue to name them. Yet, I don’t see many sharing how we resolve these problems. Well here are a few of my suggestions…all police officers no matter their color should undergo race relationship classes once a year, they should be required to live in the communities they police at least three to six months a year, they should be rotated off the street every six months and into some public service policing roles, legal punishment of crimes should be applied equally regardless of color, class, or sexual orientation.

    Love is color blind and so is the God I believe in…and yet, we who call ourselves followers of the Most High are not. It’s time to be “Christ-like” not just from the comfort of our protected communities but in the midst of the riots. Just think what it would look like if the “God Squad” showed up instead of the “Swat Squad” to stand in the breach between the police and the rioters…what a statement of believe that would be to the world.

    Something to thing about…



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