Lost and Found

I usually can solve word puzzles and jumble words pretty easily.  There is a ‘test’ sent in Facebook that is a doozie.  All those numbers in columns and we get 60-seconds to find the one that is different.  Now, that’s fun. Some of them take me a bit more time, but so far, I’ve beaten the clock.  I used to watch ‘Wheel of Fortune’, but the fakery in excitement turns me off. It is probably just me, but to leap or totally lose control over some game (other than Cowboy or Aggie football games) simply disgusts me. Once, a few years ago, there was a game show,”Caesar’s Challenge”, from Caesars in Vegas that had the ballplayer married to Phylicia Rashad as the host.  Steve Day was the announcer.  I was hosting a talk show on KKVV called “A Closer Look”.  He somehow caught the show and called me.  I thought it would be interesting to have a ‘game show’ announcer on, so he came out and we chatted for a time.  He invited me to attend the next taping and when I arrived, I was ushered to the very first row of the theater.  During the show Ahmad would come down into the audience and give folks opportunity to solve a word puzzle.  Obviously Steve had asked that I be given a chance and even though I had no problem solving word puzzles before, when that mic was shoved into my face all I could do was say abosolutely nothing.  Rashad moved to the next person murmuring “brainless”.  I am so glad that the show didn’t have an audience and was cancelled after just a few episodes.  With all the cable channels carrying all kinds of programming ‘pap’, I fear the day that “Caesar’s Challenge” will be shown and old “brainless” will get noted again.  I have no idea as to how many of you have had that horrible moment when you drew a total blank, but to do so on national TV is truly a bummer.  That was one time when I ‘Lost’ it and never found it, but that’s not what happened when I found My Lord Jesus Christ!  This is one ‘find’ I will never Lose!  Jesus promised and that’s good enough guarantee for me.  Although the road be rough and steep, there is smooth sailing just over Jordan and we do not have to cross that river alone. Now that’s a HOOT! donchaknow.  AMEN

One thought on “Lost and Found

  1. Jim, just a note to say how much I enjoy and am edified by these musings of yours. Please keep on keeping on! God bless,



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