Now, I lay me down to sleep….

Since we all will some day wake in a different place, this little nursery rhyme really leaves one wondering. I do not need to ‘ask the Lord, my soul to take since I’ve already covered that fact and have his blessed assurance that “it is well with my soul”.  Perhaps it is time to truly Love One Another, regardless of any “Physicality” or “Spirituality”.  To simply be satisfied with my own Spiritual condition ignoring that of others first, is simply not what JESUS commanded.  If I continue to carry animosity in my heart, regardless of the reason, I cannot expect GOD to be pleased and when GOD is displeased, OH Boy!

We are smack dab in the middle of serious problems at home and abroad.  Social media and the Internet contribute to many of our problems.  There is a plethora of negative out there and most of it is simply erroneous.  Doing research for myself has convinced me that the Spiritual condition  and Personal Belief of anyone else is not my business.  To make it my business can lead to mistaken judgement.  GOD is the only Judge and since it is up to HIM, I can only PRAY FOR everyone else.  I have so many ‘logs’ in my own eye I do not have time to see the splinter in another’s eye.

Someone once said, “Pointing your finger at someone else only points three back at you”.  I just read my “Self-promise” and am now busy at self-improvement.  Have a great day filled with GOD’s blessing by doing HIS will by LOVING ’em ALL!  OK?  OK!

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